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●port to gain credence,” replied Annie, s●imply


, yet gravely, though she ●did start at t he intel


ligence●. “What can you mean” “T hat they
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ister you could not h▓ave


shown more Do I not see● you as a son and brother and if I did not ve●n


erate you, should I not be the only o▓ne, either at home or in the world,


▓who did not do you the justice you deserve” ▓ “And may I not equal


ly have learnt to k●now and love you” “Yes, as a child, ●a sister,


but not as the wife you● need.” “Is the disparity of years▓, then, in your mind so great an obstacle Do ▓you think

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he di▓sparity

oundation, dearest A▓nnie” inquired Lord St.Clair, wit●h such a sudden change of countenanc●e and tone that it startled he●r almost into consciousness.The arch and play▓ful look vanished, her cheek paled, and▓ the tears started to her eyes, ●and laying her hand confidingl●y on his arm, she said, with qu●ivering lip— “

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of years betw

Dearest Henry, do● not let me lose the kind brother, ●the true friend I have so long▓ believed you.” “You shall no▓t, Annie,” he answered fervently, “even ▓if to retain such appellatives makes me more mis●erable than you imagine.” “Do not, ●do not say so! my thoughts are all me▓mories, and were the world’s repor

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een us ●is co

t indeed ●true, would be faithless every hour; could thi●s make your happiness” “But▓ must this always be Is devotion● to the departed a higher duty than▓ giving happiness to the living So pur●ely unselfish as you are, woul▓d you not in time better secure y●our own peace by giving inexpressible hap▓piness as the belove


d and cherished wife of th

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  • n.” “Do no?/li>
  • 駎 talk so, dear
  • Henry, or I sha
  • ll● fear I am l
  • osing on
gard as
$ never to
● fla
  • tter me; pray do n
  • ot begin now.”
  • “Inde●ed you do
  • me injustice, Ann
  • ie; migh


e ▓living, who would never expe●ct you to love as you have l


oved, than by

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●indulging in the luxury of memor▓y and devotedness to one who is in● heaven Is not this a question worth consi●dering, Annie”

“Not now, not now▓! oh, do not urge me now!

” she implored, ▓bursting into tears; and he